Mid Island Weavers and Spinners (and other fibre enthusiasts) Guild

This is the Mid Island Weavers and Spinners (and other fibre enthusiasts) blog page. The group meets the first Wednesday of the month during the fall/winter/spring (September through to June). Meetings are held in the hall of St. Paul's Chruch downtown Nanaimo (across from the Dorchester Hotel - the entrance is on the other side of the church at 100 Chapel St, across the street from the new condos). 7:00 pm. Guests are welcome to come...bring your knitting, spinning wheel or other fibre addictions. Meetings usually consist of 5 minutes of business, show and tell (bring something), tea and cookies, and some sort of workshop, seminar or talk where you will learn something fibry and interesting.
We now have an email address: MIWSGuild at gmail.com


Mid Island Weavers and Spinners (& fiBre freaks) Guild 
Resource pages and links

Length conversions site: http://www.onlineconversion.com/length_common.htm
Card weaving design: http://www.theloomybin.com/cw/index.html
Color scheme designer: http://colorschemedesigner.com/

Social Sites:
A primarily knitters resource but many spinners, weavers and other fibre people are members.  Losts of Groups with Forums to join such as: Van Isle Fibre Lovers; Knotty by Nature Fibre Arts; Nanaimo Yarnies; Canspin; Insubordinknit; Canadian Spinners; Warped Weavers; Lace Knitters; and knitting groups go on and on.  Choose by geographic location (eg. Iceland, Shetlands, Van Isle) by technique (Fairisle,   ) by store  or label (Dale of \Norway, Mad about Ewe ), by famous person (Herbert Niebling, Elizabeth Zimmerman; Daughters of Judith McKenzie) by fibre (flax, Sericulture ) by inspiration (Knit-a-long, Ravelympics,  Sweater Spin 2011) and hundreds, nay, thousands more.
Looking for a pattern, check out Ravelry's Pattern section.  Browse by categories; cost (Free, ; Designer; garment (shawl, hat, scarf); by popularity, by yarn, by gauge, and once you find one, check all those on Ravelry who have posted pictures of their interpretation of that design.
Look for people.  See what other people are up to.  Look for events.  Look for yarn.  It goes on and on.

Very similar to Ravelry but designed for weavers and a little less sophisticated but useful.

Teach Yourself Sites:
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/

All Fibre Arts: http://allfiberarts.com/
Fiber Arts http://fiberarts.org/
Bradley Thursday https://docs.google.com/open?id=1866ePYTWkeW_ovDX9Hadltgdm04eZD8ZnkZ1hpDNUFXl0vy8SXz5bOYjsFNESpinners Resources list

Take a break and bust a gut sites:
Yarn Harlot: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/
Panopticon aka Franklyn's blog: http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/

Guild Equipment you can borrow
An Ashford spinning wheel with large bobbins and a fast flyer. A large swift and an inkle loom.

And don't forget our library.

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