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This is the Mid Island Weavers and Spinners (and other fibre enthusiasts) blog page. The group meets the first Wednesday of the month during the fall/winter/spring (September through to June). Meetings are held in the hall of St. Paul's Chruch downtown Nanaimo (across from the Dorchester Hotel - the entrance is on the other side of the church at 100 Chapel St, across the street from the new condos). 7:00 pm. Guests are welcome to come...bring your knitting, spinning wheel or other fibre addictions. Meetings usually consist of 5 minutes of business, show and tell (bring something), tea and cookies, and some sort of workshop, seminar or talk where you will learn something fibry and interesting.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Classes

The Maiwa Textile Symposium 2011
42 Workshops, 8 Lectures and 5 Events
Held through the months of September, October and November 2011.
The course calendar will be posted in full online at www.maiwa.com
toward the middle of April and the printed copy will be available early June and sent
directly to everyone on our mailing list.
Please call 604 669 3939 or add your name online if you would like to be added to
the mailing list.
Registration will open June 20, 2011 at 10am.
Subtraction - Erasure - Conjecture
Michael Brennand-Wood
Random Precision
Michael Brennand-Wood
Screen Printing - From Simple to Sublime
Wendy Huhn
Stitching as Markmaking
Ilze Aviks
Monoprinted Cloth and the Stitched Mark
Ilze Aviks
Natural Dyes
Charllotte Kwon
The Art of Embroidery
Bonnie Adie
African Mudprinting
Michele Wipplinger
Hand-Hooked Rugs
Michelle Sirois-Silver
Diary Painting for Art Quilts
Susan Shie
Colour Institute
Michele Wipplinger
Arashi Shibori and Silk Painting
Izabela Sauer
Designing Knitted Lace with Beads
Sivia Harding
Bookbinding Basics
Gaye Hansen
The Art of Bookbinding
Gaye Hansen
Natural Dyes: Print and Pattern
Anne Babchuk and Danielle Bush
Introduction to Dyes
Natalie Grambow
Knitworks: Designing with Colour, Texture, and Pattern
Alison Ellen
Knitworks: Designing a Garment
Alison Ellen
Funk Shui Felting
Jessica de Haas
Creating Textile Design in Photoshop
Hitoshi Ujiie
Secrets of the Dye Garden
Michel Garcia
Indigo: The Organic Vat
Michel Garcia
Colour Tricks: Dyeing, Spinning, and Knitting
Janel Laidman
Felting Vision
Jorie Johnson
The Creative Studio
Natalie Grambow
Silk Felt - Silk Fusion
Karen Selk
Weaving: The Delectable Sari
Jane Stafford
Gee’s Bend Quilting - One Day
Quilters of Gee’s Bend
Gee’s Bend Quilting - Two Day (twice)
Quilters of Gee’s Bend
Expressive Painting with Procion Dyes
Sue Benner
Honourable Discharge - Incredible Quilting
Bob Adams
The Expressive Stitch
Dorothy Caldwell
Needle Felting: A New Adventure
Briony Jean Foy
Needle Felting as an Art Medium
Briony Jean Foy
Katazome with Natural Dyes
Akemi Nakano Cohn
Indigo Shibori
Akemi Nakano Cohn
Tapestry Weaving: Zapotec Traditions
Elaine Duncan
Phototransfer for Textiles
Natalie Grambow
True Colours: Developing a Personal Palette
Carol Soderlund
Waxing Eloquent: Soy Wax Resist
Carol Soderlund
Material Evidence: Reinventing Textiles
Living Textiles of Mexico
Yarns and Lines: New Directions in Hand Knitting
Why We Dye: Insights from the Chromatic World
In Praise of Sheep: A Feltmaker’s Tale
The Quilts of Gee’s Bend
Human Marks
An Exhibition of Mexican Textiles
Sheri Brautigam & Charllotte Kwon
An Exhibition of Textiles from the
Maiwa Masterclass - India
An Exhibition of the Felted Textiles
of Jorie Johnson
Unstitched and Enfolded
A Maiwa Fashion Show
An Evening of Music, Dance,

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