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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spin-off Magazine and Spinning Daily Plot to take over the world

Download this free subversive book and
help convert the world
Spin-off editor Amy Clarke Moore has a plot to take over the world and turn it into a spinning haven for spindlers:

Every once in a while I start to daydream about what a world overrun by spinners would look, and more importantly, feel like. What if everyone was a spinner? Standing in line at the grocery store you would be discussing with others the merits of your spindle or fiber you’re spinning with, the clerk would stop to admire your neck scarf and then pull out a cardigan she just finished to show you, exclaiming that the silk/Merino blend you recommended last month was just perfect—in fact, they are now stocking it on aisle 2, just down from the niddy-noddies. At the doctor’s office, the waiting room would have ballwinders and swifts set up for use by the patients, and the nurse would give you a free sample of lanolin cream. At the post office, there would be a desk devoted to shipping spinning wheels—and boxes for all the different styles. Around the dining room table, emotions would rise as the merits of long wools versus short wools were discussed. Lawns would be kept trim and fertilized by flocks of sheep, goats, or alpacas; the sound of lawn mowers replaced by the “baaing” of lambs. When meeting new people for the first time, you’d reach out to feel their sweater, rather than shake their hand. Contentment would reign, peace would be found, yarn would be made.

I wake up from my reverie, and realize that I have the perfect tool to assist in the plot to take over the world, er, I mean, to teach the gentle and ancient art of handspinning to those who express a desire to learn. We’ve created a great new free downloadable eBook to teach drop spindle spinning.

I know you have people in your life that you know would benefit from learning how to spin. You see them everywhere—perhaps they are the ones who express incredulity that anyone would spend time making their own yarn (while they sit watching TV for hours on end), perhaps they wonder why you have a bathtub full of wet wool or Angora fuzz stuck all over your pants. You know that they would leave behind these judgmental and potentially damaging thoughts if they only really sunk their hands into a freshly shorn fleece or felt the thrill of hand-dyed Targhee zipping through their fingers as their handspindle swung below. Well, now you have a tool to use. Send them to our free eBook Drop Spindle Spinning: Learn How to Spin with Drop Spindles, which pulls our best content from thirty-five years of Spin-Offmagazines from the most knowledgeable spinning teachers, and imagine a world full of wool and spinners.

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