Mid Island Weavers and Spinners (and other fibre enthusiasts) Guild

This is the Mid Island Weavers and Spinners (and other fibre enthusiasts) blog page. The group meets the first Wednesday of the month during the fall/winter/spring (September through to June). Meetings are held in the hall of St. Paul's Chruch downtown Nanaimo (across from the Dorchester Hotel - the entrance is on the other side of the church at 100 Chapel St, across the street from the new condos). 7:00 pm. Guests are welcome to come...bring your knitting, spinning wheel or other fibre addictions. Meetings usually consist of 5 minutes of business, show and tell (bring something), tea and cookies, and some sort of workshop, seminar or talk where you will learn something fibry and interesting.
We now have an email address: MIWSGuild at gmail.com

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Minutes of the MIWS Guild September 4/13

Starting after 7pm we had 16 people present. Two guests included. Membership fees of
$20 were being taken by our treasurer Crystal.

Talked about hosting the next ANWG conference in 2015 or later and we discussed it and voted NO to hosting it.
Eva Ryan Made a motion to not host it and Jeannette Brooks seconded it.

We discussed getting in touch with Kathy McDonald to see if we want to host a learning event in the next few years. There is a $600 grant available to guilds who are members or ANWG.

Treasurer's report We have a little over 1000 in the account from the end of June. Didn’t get the full amount but someone can fill it in when we have it. The silent auction made $75 at our June pot luck.

Library news: Lynne Vanderlinde very generously is giving her copies of the new Ply magazine to the guild library. We also have two new issues of Handwoven

Now contact Karin at islandmoria@gmail.com
Liz asked if a lady who is in an old folks home who has had a stroke could use the guild table loom and have someone come and assist her to re learn weaving after a stroke.

Hostess List was passed around and so was the programme list which will be a separate attachment.

Eva moved we adjourn the meeting at 7:36 and Fiona seconded the motion.

Show and Tell
Forgot we ususally put names in a bag from show and tell and one gets a memebership free. We had a raffle prize which margo Turner won.

Liz Kaarrema showed her spun samples of all different animals and plant material including cat!
Fiona Ballard had suffered form pneumonia for part of the simmer so she wasn’t able to do much but knit. She had about nine beautiful items that she had knit Some phenomenal lace knit Shawls.
Claire Ballard, Fiona’s sister in law visiting from England / Ireland had lots to show. Some felted vessels and some great needle-felted tiny teddy bears and people.

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