To the Spinning Membership.
It is time to renew your membership with the Thursday Spinners.
You can renew your membership STARTING JAN 15, 2015. I will start collecting on the 15th as my computer with all the current information died and I have to redo it.
You can renew yor membership in 1 of 2 ways:
1. Attend a meeting and put a check mark by your name on the membership list and deposit your $2.00 in the appropriate container. (Honor system)
2. Send a cheque to me:
Maeva Lowen
1214 Pintail Drive
Qualicum Beach
V9K 1C8
If you are a new member please include your name, phone number and email if you wish to have that information on the membership list and recorded with the Bradley Centre.
Please also make any necessary changes at the time of renewal. You may make them on the master list.
An updated membership list will be completed at the end of February. That should give everyone enough time to renew.